Saturday, March 3, 2012

More Student Stories

Me, to a 7-Year Old Girl (wearing different color beads in her hair & rainbow/tie-dyed earrings): "I like your earrings! They match your beads!"
7-Year Old Girl: "No, they match you!"
Me: "What?"

Same 7-Year Old Girl: "I'm wearing your skin."

8-Year Old Student: "You look just like my grandma. Well, not my grandma. My grandma's friend. But she's bigger and you're alot skinnier."
Me: "Well... thank you!"
8-Year Old Student: "I want to call you 'Worgus.' Her dog's name is Worgus."

7-Year Old Student: "Are you married?"
Me: "No, not yet. I will be, though!"
7-Year Old Student: "Then how are you pregnant?"
Me: "... I'm not pregnant."
7-Year Old Student: "I just don't get how you can be pregnant and not be married."